Wide Application of Painting Thickness Tester

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The paint thickness tester LS223 has a choice of probes with different ranges. Customers can select and purchase instruments of different range sizes depending on the thickness of the coating or painting being tested.

The painting thickness tester uses the principle of eddy current and the principle of Hall Effect. It is mainly used to measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials such as paint layers and electroplated layers on substrates such as metals and non-metals. The thickness of the coating can be measured quickly and without damage.

painting thickness tester LS223

Widely used in electroplating, spraying, pipeline anti-corrosion, aluminum profiles, steel structures, printed circuit boards, and screen printing industries. Particularly suitable for quality control at the production site.

The painting thickness tester LS223 uses a separate design of the main unit and the probe. The probe can be removed and replaced. At present, this host can match two different ranges of probes: F5N3 probe has a larger range, the test range is 0-5mm; and another F3N3 probe, the test range is 0-3mm.

When measuring the thickness of the coating in mm, the large-scale painting thickness tester LS223 can basically meet all your measurement needs. In addition, the instrument can be switched to mil units for more application in different industries.



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