Measuring Solar Film with Window Tint Light Meter

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At present, the most advanced solar film is a metal film and a ceramic nano film and an instrument for detecting the quality of the solar film is also born.
    In modern life, cars are becoming more and more popular goods and the corresponding solar film is becoming more and more important. Due to the increase in market demand, some counterfeit and shoddy goods are also increasing.
    The metal film and the ceramic nano film have the advantages of high reflectance to infrared rays, high absorption rate to ultraviolet rays and high transmittance of visible light. Therefore, this solar film is increasingly becoming the choice of people.


How to identify the solar film, you may need a portable
window tint light meter.
    The Linshang
LS162 portable window tint light meter is a portable instrument for detecting metal and ceramic membranes. It is portable because it is small enough to fit in a pocket.



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