Digital Glass Thickness Meter

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Edged glass can be measured with a vernier caliper, where the glass is generally referred to as a single glass. The vernier caliper can only measure single-layer glass and cannot measure the insulating glass, hollow glass, laminated glass and other types of multi-layer glass have been installed. Glass thickness measurement is important, it is related to safety issues, especially for high-rise glass window, curtain wall glass, etc.
    As for the glass which cannot be measured with vernier caliper. We can use Linshang
LS201 digital glass thickness meter.

201 digital glass thickness meter

The LS201 digital glass thickness meter uses laser measurement to measure the thickness of the glass on one side of the glass, allowing simultaneous measurement of glass and air thickness. LS201 digital glass thickness meter is especially designed for glass thickness measurement, whether it is three glass and two chambers, laminated glass or installed window glass, curtain wall glass, etc., The LS201 digital glass thickness meter can be used to measure these glasses.



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