The Advantages of Water-based Paint

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In the automotive industry, water-based coatings have become the mainstream of automotive paint films. As early as the 1960s, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have taken the lead in using water-based electrophoretic primers. Currently, more than 90% of primers are made of water-based paints. The use of water-based metallic flash primer exceeds 65%. Why are water-based paints so popular among car manufacturers?

Water-based paint is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Compared with traditional oil paints, the emission of harmful substances VOC in water-based paint is reduced by 70% compared with oily coatings, which is conducive to environmental protection;

paint coating thickness gauge

LS220 coating thickness gauge

It is recommended to use the Linshang LS220B paint coating thickness gauge to measure the thickness of water-based paint on automobiles.

LS220B paint coating thickness gauge is a professional instrument for detecting the thickness of automotive paint film. It has a high reputation in the automotive market. This instrument has bluetooth function. Customers can view the test data on the mobile phone and preserve the test data as a picture. 



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