Insulated Glass Thickness Gauge Suppliers

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As a company specializing in the research and production of optical instruments, Linshang Technology is also a glass thickness gauge supplier. Two types of insulated glass thickness gauges have been developed and produced, one is a glass thickness gauge for scale readings and the other is a digital glass thickness meter.

As a glass thickness gauge supplier, Linshang Technology has developed and produced a variety of glass thickness gauges. Currently, there are two models for sale. One is the glass thickness gauge LS200 for scale reading, and the other is digital glass thickness meter with both Chinese and English interface.

Commonly used tools for measuring single-layer glass are vernier calipers or ordinary rulers, but these two tools are only suitable for uninstalled glass. If it is already installed on a building or insulating glass, there is no way to test it with these two kinds of glass measuring tool. 

Linshang glass thickness gauge uses the principle of laser reflection. In addition to testing single-layer glass, it can also test hollow glass.

How to measure glass thickness? Below we will test a piece of insulating glass using two measuring tools manufactured by glass thickness gauge supplier.

glass thickness gauges
Glass Thickness Gauges Measuring Insulated Glass

As can be seen from the above figure, the digital glass thickness meter can directly display the thickness of the glass is 4.99mm and 4.96mm, the thickness of the air layer is 13.23mm. On the other hand, from the scale, we can read the thickness of the glass is about 5mm and 5mm, the thickness of the air layer is about 13mm. 

The accuracy of these two glass thickness gauges is different. They are ±0.1mm and ±0.5mm respectively, so the thickness value will be a little different when testing a same glass.

As a glass thickness gauge supplier, Linshang Technology also provides a variety of glass sample testing services. If you are not sure whether our instrument test results can meet your accuracy requirements, you can also send your samples to our company for testing. We will send back the testing results of glass samples to you.

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