How to Check Paint Thickness of Steel?

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Linshang LS220 coating thickness gauge can be used to test the coating thickness of steel structure.

    In China, most of the factories are build in steel structures. At present, the common method for steel structures anticorrosion is galvanization. Steel structure anti-corrosion paint generally needs to brush primer, intermediate paint, top coat. And the indoor and outdoor requirements of steel coating thickness are also different. So how to check paint thickness? We recommend you Linshang coating thickness gauge.
     The conventional steel structure plants generally do not have special anti-corrosion requirements. But in some special industries, the anti-corrosion requirements of steel structure plants are relatively high. Industries such as printing and dyeing, chemical, paper and coastal construction. Anti-corrosion requirements of these places are relatively high.

Linshang LS220 coating thickness gauge test the steel coating  

    At present, the coating thickness gauge has two types: single use and iron-aluminum. The test range of Linshang coating thickness gauge mainly includes 0-2000μm and 0-5000μm. The coating thickness gauge of 2000μm range is suitable for the thickness detection of steel structure anti-corrosion coating. The coating thickness gauge of 5000μm range is suitable for the coatings with anti-corrosion and fire protection.
   For more information about the coating thickness gauge , please refer to

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