How to Check Steel Paint Thickness Using Paint Thickness Gauge?

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In China, most of the factories are build in steel structures. At present, the common method for steel structures anticorrosion is galvanization. Steel structure anti-corrosion paint generally needs to brush primer, intermediate paint, top coat. And the indoor and outdoor requirements of steel paint thickness are also different. So how to check paint thickness? We recommend you Linshang paint thickness gauge.

1. The application of anticorrosive paint on steel structure surface     

The conventional steel structure plants generally do not have special anti-corrosion requirements. But in some special industries, the anti-corrosion requirements of steel structure plants are relatively high. Industries such as printing and dyeing, chemical, paper and coastal construction. Anti-corrosion requirements of these places are relatively high.

2. Why is it necessary to measure the anticorrosive paint thickness on steel structures?

coating thickness structure
coating thickness structure

Steel structure is one of the main structural forms of civil engineering. Steel structure is easy to manufacture and has good plasticity, toughness and short construction period. Therefore, steel structure is widely used in various industries. 

Anti-corrosion coatings are an important tool in fighting the battle against rust. Used on everything from automobiles to bridges and tunnels, anti-corrosion coatings protect structures in a number of the harshest environments.

Today there are variety of growth areas for anti-corrosive coatings. Key markets include oil and gas, power, industrial, infrastructure and transportation infrastructure.

However, the corrosion resistance of steel structures is poor. After being corroded, the strength and bearing capacity of steel structures will decrease, and the safety and durability of steel structures will be seriously affected. Therefore, do anticorrosive coating work and use paint thickness gauge to measure the paint thickness is an important task to check whether the anticorrosive paint is qualified. 

3. How to check paint thickness of steel structure?

  1. Use an uncoated or unpainted steel structure or zeroing iron plate for zero adjustment.

  2. Press the paint thickness gauge vertically on the anti-corrosion steel structure workpiece. 

  3. As shown in the right picture, the anti-corrosion paint thickness is 727um.

4. The advantage of Linshang paint thickness gauge

(1) Use for ferrous and non-ferrous substrate

Anticorrosion paint can be painted not only on steel but also on aluminum. For the different substrates, Linshang Technology as a paint thickness gauge supplier provide paint thickness gauges for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates.At present, the paint thickness gauge has two types: paint thickness gauge only for ferrous substrate and paint thickness gauge for both ferrous and non-ferrous substrate. 

The Linshang coating thickness gauge uses both the Hall Effect and the eddy current principle. It is an iron-aluminum dual-use instrument that automatically recognizes the substrate and switches between ferrous and non-ferrous measurement modes.

(2) Large measurement range

The test range of Linshang paint thickness gauge mainly includes 0-2000μm and 0-5000μm. The paint thickness gauge of 2000μm range is suitable for the thickness detection of steel structure anti-corrosion coating. The paint thickness gauge of 5000μm range is suitable for the steel structure with anti-corrosion and fire protection.

(3) Separate and integrated

The integrated type that can be operated with one hand.The split-type paint thickness gauge that is more suitable for measurements in narrow spaces and higher or lower positions,making reading and operation more convenient.

Integrated paint thickness gauge

Integrated paint thickness gauge

Separate paint thickness gauge

Separate paint thickness gauge

(4) Wear-resistant probe

The ruby probe is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, which makes the service life of the paint thickness gauge longer and avoids the error due to probe wear.

For more information about the paint thickness gauge , please refer to the article Classification of Hardware Coatings and Coating Thickness Gauge Applications .



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