Comparison between Linshang and Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge

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How do the coating manufacturers measure the coating thickness? And how do the second used car sellers know the paint thickness? We need a professional instrument to help solve these problems. Linshang technology has independently developed a series of coating thickness gauge-LS220, LS220B, LS220H, LS221, LS223. Linshang coating thickness gauge is a professional instrument used to test the coating thickness.

Here we will make some comparisons between the elcometer coating thickness gauge and Linshang coating thickness gauge:

Model LS223F5N3 Elcometer 500
Measurement range   0.0-5000μm 1500-2500μm
Accuracy ≤±(3% reading+2μm) ±2% or ±10µm
Principle Fe:Hall Effect / NFe: Eddy curren ultrasonic
Price $999 $280

The measurement range of Linshang LS223+F5N3 coating thickness gauge can be up to 5000μm and it can identify the substrate automatically .It has three measurement modes Fe, NFe, Fe/ NFe. Since its launch on the market, it is very popular among the customers. The principle of Linshang and elcometer coating thickness gauge is different. Linshang coating thickness gaugeadopt hall effect and eddy current and the price is also preferable.



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