Used Car Anti-Fraud Guide

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With the advancement of the times, cars have become popular. Car collisions are inevitable. And then owners must make some maintenance. In many maintenance projects, car paint has become an indispensable one.  The painted car can not be compared with the original one for both film thickness and anti-corrosion ability. Nowadays, it is difficult to identify whether the car has been painted with the naked eye. People who want to buy the second used car are hard to make the choice.
     To purchase a appropriate second used car, we must need a professional paint thickness measuring tool. The
paint thickness measuring tool independently developed by Linshang Technology is has high cost performance. The instrument only cost 790 RMB and the data can be compared with Germany brand Q-nix. (see the figure below). The operation is very simple with just one single button. It only needs zero adjustment but no calibration.

paint thickness measuring tool

Linshang paint thickness measuring tool adopt the ruby probe which has the effect of wear and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term use of the instrument.



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