What is the Role of Mil Thickness Gauge for Paint?

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Car paint is a type of paint used to protect the car from corrosion and decoration. This paint has good mechanical properties. Moreover, automotive paints must have good adhesion, strong scratch resistance and high hardness.After the car was repainted, it will be dried at the temperature of 200 degrees and then the car will be coated with a layer of varnish. After drying, a protective film will be formed on the car body surface.

Generally, the car paint surface of domestically produced cars is between 90μm and 180μm, but there are also some car paint thicknesses ranging from 200μm to 300μm. When buying used cars, the thickness of the car paint surface is the most important indicator.Because we can not identify the accident car very well by our naked eye. So we need a professional mil thickness gauge for paint.

LS220 mil thickness gauge for paint test the car paint thickness
Linshang LS220 mil thickness gauge for paint test the car paint thickness 

The mil thickness gauge for paint is professionally used to test the used car paint thickness, the general range is 0-2000μm. When detecting the used car paint thickness, we just need to power on the meter and than press the mil thickness gauge for paint vertically on the car paint surface. 

If the detected car paint thickness is higher than 400μm, it can be judged that the car has been scratched and it has been repaired. 

For the detection of car paint thickness, it is recommended to use Linshang LS220 mil thickness gauge for paint, which is a good assistant for testing the used car paint film thickness.