Linshang Upgraded Window Tint Meter

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Linshang Technology launched two new window tint meters LS163 and LS163A in 2019.These two instruments still use the previous 940nm and 1400nm infrared light source designs respectively. The LS163 window tint meteruses a 940nm infrared light source,which is recommended for measuring decalescence films.While the LS163A window tint meteruses a 1400 nm infrared light source,is recommended for measuring films with good reflection properties,such as metal films and ceramic nano films.
    Many customers may be curious.What are the differences between the two new window tint meters and the original four portable window tint meters?Now we will introduce you the two major features of the new instrument.
   1.The LS163 and LS163A window tint meters use an adaptive,selectable display interface that allows us to read quickly and easily,no matter what angle we measure.

window tint meters

2.Three modes are available.Other models of window tint meters measure visible light transmittance,infrared rejection rate and UV rejection rate,but many old customers who have purchased our first-generation window tint meter are accustomed to the full transmittance data display mode.Therefore,we have two more mode options for the instrument.You can choose a single transmittance,full transmittance or maintain infrared and UV rejection rate according to your needs.
   In addition to the above two main features,the slot size and appearance of the LS163 and LS163A window tint meters have also been changed.In short,in order to meet the needs of more customers. 



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