How to Distinguish the Original Paint with Paint Thickness Gauge?

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How to distinguish the original paint with paint thickness gauge? Experienced used car appraisers would identify the used car by their experience, they will knock the car and hear the sound. By this way, they can know whether this car has been repainted or not. For people who have not so much experience, we can use the paint thickness gauge to measure the car paint thickness and identify whether it is the original paint. Our main purpose is to judge whether the car is an accident car, because the accident car directly affects the price of the car and there are certain security risks. Then how do we use the paint thickness gauge to detect the original paint? Mainly through the following points:
      1. Select the place which is less likely to be hit and use this as the base value to measure other positions of the car. For example, the car roof and the AB pillars inside the car. Chinese national relevant standards stipulate that the thickness of automotive paint film is mostly between 120-180 microns. The paint thickness differ from different cars of different brands. Some luxury car paint films may be a little thicker.

LS220b paint thickness gauge

2. After determining the base value, we can use the paint thickness gauge to measure the different positions of the car. If the film thickness values differ greatly, it is not the original paint. If the measured data is close to the base value, it is the original paint. Because the original paint film thickness of the same car will not vary greatly.

Linshang LS220B paint thickness gauge is equipped with bluetooth mobile phone app which can measure the roof, engine compartment cover, left front fender, left A-pillar, etc. Nearly every position of the car can be measured. And each position can be measured for 8 times. Test report can be printed out later.

The LS220B paint thickness gauge uses a ruby probe, which is durable. With automatic selection mode and good after-sales service. It is the best choice for every used car appraiser.

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