What is Paint Thickness Measuring Device?

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Linshang as a coating thickness gauge manufacturer provides many kinds of paint thickness measuring device, also known as car paint meter or mil gage. 

Paint thickness measuring device can be used to measure the depth of the coating or film on a particular substrate. The substrate is typically a ferrous metal (such as steel or iron) or a non-ferrous metal (such as aluminum or copper). Most eddy or magnetic thickness gauge products have a dual purpose, both for the measurement of ferrous metal coating thickness and for the measurement of non-ferrous metal coating thickness. These versatile paint thickness measuring devices typically provide a wide range of measurements.


In the automotive industry, the measurement of coating thickness is often performed. Coating thickness measurement applications in the automotive manufacturing and production process, a paint thickness measuring device is used to determine if the various parts and surfaces are coated with sufficient paint or gloss. Car dealers, auto body repair shops, and auto insurance claim investigators also use paint thickness measuring devices to identify changes in automotive paint jobs signaling prior accidents.

In addition, the paint thickness measuring device can be used to detect the application and wear of corrosion-resistant protective coatings on metals such as hot dip galvanized zinc on steel beams. Therefore, hand-held painting or coating thickness gauges are important tools for corrosion monitoring of buildings, bridges, oil tankers, natural gas pipelines, and petrochemical plant inspectors.

If you have questions about a particular application, our friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff will help you find the suitable paint thickness measuring device