How to Select Suitable Automotive Paint Meters

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At present, there are various automotive paint meters on the market, some are built-in probes, some are external probes; some automotive paint meters can export data through USB interface, and some can transmit data via Bluetooth.

automotive paint meters

How do we choose the right instrument when purchasing an automotive paint meters? Can be considered from the following two aspects.

Built-in probe and external probe
The probe of an automotive paint meters either can be found inside the unit or within a separate probe. An automotive paint meters with a built-in or internal probe is ideal for quick, on-the-spot measurements in the field or on the production floor. This style of automotive paint meters often comes pocket-sized or designed to be conveniently portable.
    An automotive paint meters with an external probe is better for taking measurements in small spaces with limited access.

USB data transfer and Bluetooth data transfer
Some automotive paint meters devices come with memory for saving measurement data. When the memory is internal or built into device, the saved measurement data usually can be transferred to a computer via a USB port or RS-232 interface.
    In addition to a connection cable, software may be required for data transfer.
    There are also some instruments that can transfer data to the mobile phone via Bluetooth, generate test reports from the App on the phone, and share or print the test results.

Please confirm the parameters of each automotive paint meter carefully before purchasing.



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