Comparison Between Auto Paint Meters of Different Brands

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In the automobile industry, the auto paint meter is one of the main equipment used by the car appraisers to identify the overall condition of the car. The auto paint meters commonly used by car appraisers are Linshang, Guoou and Yuwen. Different brands of auto paint meters are different in price and performance. The best auto paint meter can be distinguished from the three aspects of brand, price and performance.

1. Brand awareness

Among several common brands, Linshang Technology has strong research and development ability and professional teams. Not only can it provide cost effective auto paint meters but also provide thoughtful  after sales service.The company's instrument are mainly divided into 4 categories: Window film measurement, Optical transmittance, Ultraviolet measurement, Gloss and coating thickness measurement. Products include : Solar Film Transmission Meter, IR Power Meter, Spectrum Transmission Meter, Light Transmittance Meter, UV Energy Meter, UV Light Meter, Glass Thickness Meter, Vacuum Coating Online Thickness Monitor, Gloss meter, Coating Thickness Gauge.

2. Price

In terms of price, the Yuwen auto paint meter is relatively cheap and Guoou auto paint meter has high price. Linsahng auto paint meter cost US$118, which is very cheap compared with other auto paint meters. However, except for the price,  what users care most about is the performance of the product. Linshang auto paint meter has low price and high performance. It is very popular among customers. The performance of Linshang auto paint meter will be troduced in details in the following part of this paper.

different auto paint meters
different auto paint meters

3. Performance

In terms of performance, Linshang auto paint meter has relatively superior advantages. Specifically embodied in the following aspects:

  • Small size, used car appraiser is more convenient to carry out

  • Simple operation. Unlike other brands of auto paint meters whose operation process is very complicated.

The reaction is the most sensitive among all the auto paint meters. When the used car appraiser evaluates and tests the used car, the response speed of the instrument is fast, which obviously makes the inspection more smooth. When using a suitable auto paint meter, the second-hand car appraisers will consider the factors of brand, price and performance. For instruments recommended by used car appraisers who often use auto paint meters, it must be a high quality auto paint meter.

For more information about the auto paint meters, please refer to "Coating Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ".



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