Paint Gage Meter For Used car

Time:2019/08/30 11:55:00 Browse:621

The Melon used car can be said that it is the leader of the used car industry in China. Before the sale of the used car on this used car platform, the professional appraisers will evaluate this car. After 259 in-depth tests, the qualified products will be sold directly to the buyer.

Among the 259 items for testing cars, the appearance of interior inspections accounted for 23 items, including lacquer repair, sheet metal repair, replacement of appearance parts and detection of defects. When the used car appraisers test the appearance of the car, it is indispensable to use a professional paint gage meter.

The LS220 paint gage meter is especially suitable for the thickness measurement of automotive paint. The iron-aluminum probe can automatically identify the iron, aluminum or plastic substrate on the car.

Moreover, the operation of the LS220 paint gage meter is very simple. The paint gage meter is compact and very convenient to carry around. It takes only 0.5 seconds to measure a single data. When the used car appraiser evaluate the used car, it will greatly improve their efficiency.