Data Analysis Measured By Paint Thickness Gauge Meter

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With so many brands of paint thickness gauge meter on the market, how can we identify the quality of the coating thickness gauge?
      Brand and quality have always been uneven for different brands. With the development of technology, bluetooth function has been very popular among used car appraisers. With bluetooth function, they can use mobile phone app to record the test data of different automotive parts and print the test report. Today, we will use a paint thickness gauge meter to test the paint thickness of Lexus ES250. First let’s power on the meter and open the mobile phone APP and connect to the bluetooth. For Linshang LS220B paint thickness gauge meter , we can test the roof, engine cover, left front fender, left A-pillar, left front door, left B-pillar, left rear door, left C-pillar, left rear wing Plate, trunk lid, right rear fender, right C-pillar, right rear door, right B-pillar, right front door, right A-pillar, right front fender. Totally 17 parts of the car.  For each specific part, we can test 8 times. Then save the test data and generate a test report. Specifically as shown below:


The LS220B paint thickness gauge meter can display the maximum, minimum, average values and even the measured object substrate. We generally measure the car body based on the car roof paint thickness. Therefore, we can judge whether or not the vehicle has a scratch collision. If the paint thickness of one part is much thicker then the other places. We can judge this part has been repainted. In the above data report. The average value of the roof is 196 and the maximum value is 236 and the minimum value is 168. The paint thickness of engine compartment cover and the left front fender, the right rear door is 358, 605, 611. The three parts may have been painted with sheet metal. Even accidents may happened, so we have to check the internal structure of the cars in these three places when purchasing used cars. In case there are any security risks in these three places.