How to Use the Digital Mil Gauge?

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The market is filled with digital mil gauges of various brands, which have different operation methods. Now we will take Linshang LS220H digital mil gauge as an example and introduce its operation method:
       1.Long press the instrument for three seconds in the off state to enter the setting interface. We generally select (Fe/NFe) automatic mode. Customers can choose the language display interface (Chinese / English) according to their needs.

LS220H digital mil gauge

2.The instrument should make a zero adjustment when measuring the material or the ambient temperature changes after the first battery replacement. We should use the finger to hold the non-slip groove on the underside of the instrument.
       3.Press the instrument probe vertically on the object surface, keep the probe steady, do not tilt and shake. And the measurement result will appear on the screen after the buzzer prompts.
       4.To continue the measurement, lift the probe away from the object under test. Then repeat the above steps!
       5.In the measurement mode, we can short press the button to view the historical data. The instrument can store 9 groups of data. When the saved data exceed 9, the excess data will be deleted automatically deleted. No.1 is the last test data and the data is not lost after shutdown.