How to Choose Automotive Paint Thickness Meter For Used Car?

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There are too many types of automotive paint thickness meters on the market. How to choose the right automotive paint thickness meter among so many different brands? In fact, when choosing an automotive paint thickness meter, in addition to the test environment, measuring materials and testing requirements, it depends more on the automotive paint thickness meter itself. Here we made a conclusion about the factors we need to consider.
       1.The instrument itself and the internal electronic components not only need to use good materials, but more importantly, the tip of the probe. Good automotive paint thickness meter detectors are generally fixed with ruby, the main reason is that the ruby material is corrosion resistant and durable.
       2.The meter should use an advanced digital probe. When we use the meter test the same position for multiple times, the data is still very stable.

LS220 automotive paint thickness meter

3.Measurement accuracy and repeatability. A good automotive paint thickness meter must have high measurement accuracy and good repeatability and the data can pass the Chinese national metrology.
       4.Measuring environment. A good automotive paint thickness meter has a relatively low environmental requirement and can be used under extremely large temperature differences. In other words, it has a temperature compensation function.
       5.Bluetooth function is also very significant. After connecting to the mobile phone app, the test data can be recorded and test reports can be printed.
       6.Simple operation method with small portable size.
     When selecting the high performance automotive paint thickness meter, we recommend Linshang automotive paint thickness meter, which will bring you convenience in the measurement process. The automotive paint thickness meter can also be customized according to the customers' needs.