How To Change Units of Film Thickness Meter?

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Different film thickness meters adopt different units. The units of some film thickness meters can be switched, while some can not. The setting method and usage of different film thickness meters are also different. The Linshang film thickness meter is available for unit conversion. Below we take the Linshang LS221 film thickness meter as an example to introduce how to switch the units:
     Method 1: In the off state, you can directly set and select the unit. Long press the film thickness meter in the off state, the following interfaces will be displayed: SETUP: Fe, NFe, Fe/NFe, Language, Unit. After selecting the interface you need, short press the button and wait for more than 2S. The customers can choose the unit μm or mil according to their needs. After choosing, stay for more than two seconds and the film thickness meter will automatically enter the measurement mode.

LS221 film thickness meter

Method 2: If the customer have already chosen the “mil” in the on state just turn off the film thickness meter and repeat the above steps.



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