What is Coating Thickness Meter?

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 Coating thickness meter is also known as paint thickness gauge, dry film thickness gauge, powder coating thickness gauge. Different coating thickness meters will adopt different measuring principles. The coating thickness meter can be divided as integrated type and split type.

Coating thickness meter can be divided into the following categories according to the measuring principle:

1. Electromagnetic method principle

Specifically, it applies the principle of magnetic induction. The magnitude of the flux produced by the probe flowing into the magnetic matrix after passing through the nonmagnetic coating. The magneto resistance is inversely proportional to the magnetic flux. This is used to measure the thickness of the coating. The measurement precision of this method is very high.

2. Radiometric measurement principle

This measurement principle is based on radiometric measurement, which is expensive and harmful to health. It can be used on special occasions!

LS223 coating thickness meter

LS223 Dry film thickness gauge

3. Ultrasonic measurement principle

This measurement principle is applicable to the measurement of different coatings superimposed together. The measurement accuracy is not high and the price is expensive

4. Eddy current thickness measurement principle

This principle is suitable for measuring the nonmagnetic conductive layer covering on nonmagnetic metals. The measurement accuracy of this method is lower than that of the above methods.

5. Electrolysis measurement principle

This method of measurement requires the destruction of the coating is a lossy method. The measurement is complicated and the measurement and accuracy are low.
   The most commonly used methods in general life are the magnetic method and eddy current method. The coating thickness meter have split and integrated types. The users can choose according to their own needs.



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