Application Fields of Paint Thickness Gauges

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Paint can be seen everywhere in life. Are these paint coating thicknesses meeting national standards? This requires us to use a paint thickness gauge to detect. Paint thickness gauges are mainly used for coating thickness detection of metal substrates. Therefore, the paint thickness gauge is mainly used for the measurement of the aircraft, the ship, the automobile, the motorcycle structure and the automotive paint thickness, various natural gas pipelines, communication cabinets, hot-dip galvanized coating, electroplating, anodizing, frying pan Coating, enamel, etc.
    What is the standard for the coating film to be qualified? The Chinese government has relevant industry standards. The "Powder Quality Inspection Standard" stipulates that the film thickness of various powder films is as follows:
    The film thickness of the high-gloss powder is at least 65μm and the film thickness is 70±5μm; the film thickness of the sand grain powder is at least 65μm, and the film thickness is 60±10μm.

paint thickness gauges

The wrinkle powder has a minimum film thickness of 80 μm and a film thickness of 90±10 μm; the matte powder has a film thickness of at least 80 μm and a film thickness of 70±5 μm.
    Matte powder film thickness is at least 80μm, film thickness is 70±5μm
    Paint thickness gauges are used for film thickness measurement of paints and varnishes in addition to powder film thickness. "GBT13452.2-2008 paint and varnish film thickness measurement standards" said that in fact, the thickness of the film is not as thick as possible, there will be drawbacks such as flow paint, blistering, loss of light and so on when the film thickness is too thick.



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