Cheap Car Coating Thickness Gauge in China

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Car coating thickness gauges also named automotive paint meters, are developed for measuring the automobile paint thickness. What customers concern most are the coating thickness gauge price and functions. There are many car coating thickness gauges with different functions in global markets and the prices are uneven. There is a Chinese old saying "you get what you pay for". High performance instruments are expensive. But not all expensive things suit you. It depends on the users needs. How do you choose a cheap coating thickness gauge with high performance. Here we will give you some recommendations.

car coating thickness gauge
car coating thickness gauge

1. Coating thickness measurement on metal substrate

Ferrous and non-ferrous coating thickness gauges are most commonly used. These coating thickness gauges are used to measure the coating thickness on metal substrate. Ferrous coating thickness meter is used to measure the non-magnetic coating thickness on magnetic metal substrate. Non-ferrous coating thickness meter is used to measure the non-conductive coating thickness on non-magnetic metal substrate. If you have this coating thickness requirement, Linshang high performance coating thickness gauge can help you. 

2. Coating thickness gauge accuracy

Car coating thickness gauges with higher prices have high accuracy. The gauge is in line with many national standards, the resolution will increase on thin surfaces. The gauge can also be used on the smooth or rough, thin and curved surfaces. A car coating thickness gauge may only meet one or two national standards. And testing data on curved or rough surfaces can be inaccurate.

3. Bluetooth coating thickness gauge

Bluetooth function can not only bring convenience to the user, but also can measure other positions of the car body and calculate the maximum value, the minimum value and the average value. The coating thickness gauge mobile App can also generate test reports. Therefore, a data analysis is performed on the paint film thickness of the entire automobile body.  Linshang car coating thickness gauge price is low, but it has Bluetooth function. 

4. Coating thickness gauge brand

Brand plays an important role when people purchase the instrument. The function of the famous instrument may be the same with the less famous one. So, when choosing car coating thickness gauge , we should focus more on the functions of the instrument. 

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