Difference Between the Expensive And Cheap Car Coating Thickness Gauges

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The difference between expensive and cheap car coating thickness gauges lies in the function, while the expensive car coating thickness gauge may be equipped with a variety of probes.

There are many car coating thickness gauges with different functions in global markets and the prices are uneven. There is a Chinese old saying” you get what you pay for”. High performance goods are expensive. But not all expensive things are good. Today we will find out the difference between expensive and cheap car coating thickness gauges

  1. Expensive car coating thickness gauge has powerful function, ordinary car coating thickness gaugemay only be equipped with two or three probes. Expensive car coating thickness gauges may be equipped with a variety of probes with functions such as waterproof, miniature, high temperature resistant, soft coating, ultrasonic scanning, professional probes and so on. The technical content and production cost determine the cost of the car coating thickness gauge.

    paint thickness gauge

  2. Car coating thickness gaugeswith higher prices have high accuracy. The gauge is in line with many national standards, the resolution will increase on thin surfaces. The gauge can also be used on the smooth or rough, thin and curved surfaces. A car coating thickness gauge may only meet one or two national standards. And testing data on curved or rough surfaces can be inaccurate.

    LS220B car coating thickness gauge

  3. Bluetooth function plays a very important role. Because the Bluetooth function can not only bring convenience to the user, but also can measure other positions of the car body and calculate the maximum value, the minimum value and the average value. You can also generate test reports. Therefore, a data analysis is performed on the paint film thickness of the entire body. The cheap car coating thickness gauge may not have this function, and it is not so convenient. 

  4. Brand premium is also an important factor affecting the price of car coating thickness gauges. The function of the famous instrument may be the same with the less famous one.

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