How to Choose Car Paint Thickness Detector?

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Car paint thickness detector is a professional instrument designed to measure the paint thickness of the automotive. Many customers don't know how to choose a suitable car paint thickness detector. So, how to choose car paint thickness detector?

  1. Car paint thickness detector with small size is very convenient for the used car appraisers. They can put the car paint thickness detector in their pockets and bring out anywhere they want. With this meter, the evaluation of the used car would be faster and more convenient.

  2. Car paint thickness detector with bluetooth is also very popular. The car paint thickness detector with bluetooth function is more convenient. The instrument can be connected to the mobile phone app. When testing, the data can be recorded. Seventeen parts of the automotive can be tested. After completing the whole test, we can generate the test report. And we can analyze the condition of the car through the test report. 

    LS220 car paint thickness detector

  3. Advanced digital probe. The advanced digital probe can ensure the data stability when testing the same position for multiple times.

  4. With a variety of measurement modes and automatic identification function. A variety of metal substrates can be automatically identified and can be freely converted.

  5. The probe has high sensitivity and fast measurement speed. It is best to have a temperature compensation function . The probe is made of ruby for durability.

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