What Brand of Car Paint Thickness Meter is Good?

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Different customers have different requirements for the car paint thickness meter. The aiming market of different car paint thickness meters are different, of course. Customers will usually choose the car paint thickness meter according to what they want to test. There are many brands and instruments for car paint thickness meters in global markets. Different types of car paint thickness meters have different functions .

If the customer needs to measure civil engineering, it is recommended to use the StratoTest 4100 car paint thickness meter from the German EPK brand. The instrument is used in the construction industry and civil engineering. The meter is used for non-metallic materials like fire bricks, asphalt mixtures, cement, wood, reinforced concrete, etc. This meter is equipped with two probes F300ST and F800ST. It can not only be used to measure planes but also can be used to measure uneven surfaces.

LS223 car paint  thickness meter

If the customer needs to measure the film thickness of wet film abrasives and soluble salts, it is recommended to use the British brand Elcometer 415 powder car paint thickness meter. The ergonomic design of the instrument provides maximum comfort for continuous use. Resistance to scratches, solvents and powders is shown. Rugged and resistant to powder coatings with IP64 protection. This instrument is very good at measuring this.

If the customer needs to measure the coating thickness of metal substrates such as guardrails, pipes, and communication cabinets. It is recommended to use the Chinese brand Linshang LS223 car paint thickness meter. This car paint thickness meter has a high degree of measurement accuracy and is durable with a ruby probe.  The meter has simple design and needs no calibration but simple zero adjustment. Three measurement modes are freely selectable. The separate design of the main unit and the probe is suitable for small spaces and has excellent after-sales service.

Therefore, there is no brand of car paint thickness meter is absolutely good, users can choose their own car paint thickness meter according to their needs and uses.