Inspection Method of Digital Coating Thickness Meter

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The working principles of conventional digital coating thickness meter on the market are divided into magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement methods.
     The magnetic field of the magnetic induction digital coating thickness meter is generated by the probe, which can form a magnetic on the magnetic material. The size of the non-magnetic coating affects the size of the magnetic material, thereby measuring the corresponding coating thickness. For example, most coatings on steel and iron are measured in this way.
     The eddy current digital coating thickness meter emits an eddy current signal from the probe, which can form an eddy current on the conductive material. The thickness of the non-conductive coating affects the size of the eddy current field, thereby calculating the corresponding coating thickness. The meter is used to measure the thickness of an insulating coating on a non-ferrous metal substrate.

LS220H digital coating thickness meter

A digital coating thickness meter combining magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement methods is an iron-aluminum dual-purpose meter. For example, the Linshang digital coating thickness meter LS220H uses magnetic measurement method and eddy current measurement method. In the automatic identification measurement mode, the measured substrate can be automatically recognized and the measurement mode can be quickly switched.
     Digital coating thickness meter LS220H has a wide range of applications in commodity inspection, manufacturer, hardware manufacturing, mechanical equipment evaluation and other fields.



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