Use of Steel Structure Fireproof Magnetic Paint Thickness Gauge

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The Linshang magnetic paint thickness gauge LS223 can be used to measure the thickness of fire retardant coatings for steel structures. If the coating thickness of the steel structure fireproof coating is not up to standard, it will not achieve a good fire protection effect.

According to the standard of "steel structure fireproof coating", the quality and classification of steel structure fireproof coatings are clearly defined. The coating products can be divided into three types: thick type, thin type and ultra-thin type steel structure.

The magnetic paint thickness gauge LS223 uses a separate design of the main unit and the probe, the main unit can freely connect two different ranges of probes, F3N3 and F5N3.

LS223 magnetic paint thickness gauge

First, zero adjustment of magnetic paint thickness gauge LS223:

After triggering the gauge, long press the button to make the zero adjustment, then lift 15cm up according to the prompt. The interface will display 0.0μm to start the test.

Second, the selection of coating points for steel structure fireproof coatings:

  1. For the fireproof coating of beams and columns of all-steel frame structure, when measuring the thickness, take a section every 3m within the length of the component.

  2. Fireproof coating of firewall and floor. When measuring thickness, you can choose the area where two adjacent vertical and horizontal axes intersect as one unit. On the diagonal line, select one point per meter length for testing.

  3. The truss structure, the upper chord and the lower chord shall be tested every 3m according to the second stipulation and the other ventral rods shall be taken for each section.

  4. Measurement results

For the wall and floor in the selected area, the magnetic paint thickness gauge LS223 should measure at least 5 points. For the beam and column in the selected position, 6 and 8 points should be measured separately and then calculated separately and then take the average value. Want to select the best coating thickness gauge? You can read "Coating Thickness Gauge Selection and FAQ".



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