Eddy Current Thickness Gauge For Used Car

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In the used car industry, the eddy current thickness gauge is one of the main equipment used by the used car appraisers to identify the overall condition of the used car. The brands of domestic paint film instruments commonly used by second-hand car appraisers are Guoou, Lin Shang and Yu Wen. Different brands of eddy current thickness gauges are different in price and performance. The quality of the gauge can be distinguished from the three aspects of brand, price and performance.

First, brand

The eddy current thickness gauge with more famous brand is more expensive and customers tend to believe more the product quality.

LS220b eddy current thickness gauge

Second, price
In terms of price, the Yuwen eddy current thickness gauge is relatively cheap. Linshang eddy current thickness gauge has low price with high performance.

Third, performance

In terms of performance, Linshang eddy current thickness gauge has relatively superior advantages. Specifically embodied in the following aspects:

1. Small size and it is easy to carry out.
2. Simple operation with single button. There is no need for calibration just zero adjustment.
The reaction rate of Linshang eddy current thickness gauge is the most sensitive. When the used car appraiser evaluates and tests the used car, the response speed of the instrument is fast, which obviously makes the inspection more smooth. For the eddy current thickness meter that responds very slowly, it is okay to use it occasionally and the test is often slow. When using a suitable eddy current thickness gauge, the second-hand car appraisers will consider the factors of brand, price and performance. In the end, whether it is a good-use eddy current thickness gauge must be the user's evaluation. For instruments recommended by used car appraisers who often use eddy current thickness gauges, it must be a good eddy current thickness gauge.