LS117 Optical Densitometer Measure Welding Mask Glass

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      One customer from Taiwan called us asked if there is any suitable instrument recommend to test black glass. After a detailed understanding of the customer's sample, it’s black glass lens use on welding mask, about 3mm thickness, in the long and wide is 108mm*50mm, the need to test the transmittance, we recommended LS117 Optical Densitometer, immediately sent the relevant information to customers, their company engineers confirmed, we are very grateful to our company's trust.  So why use LS117 Optical Densitometer test the light transmittance of black glass lens?

LS117 Optical Densitometer

      1: Welding mask is mainly used in factory processing, automobile maintenance, metal combination processing etc. In the welding process, there will be welding star, welding slag splashing around, will draw on the lens, resulting in the lens blur, can’t see the welding point clearly, there will be security risks.
      2: In welding process, the light is particularly bright, strong light will cause damage to the eye, will lead to the occurrence of the electric eye disease.
      3: The black glass lens is easy to wastage, need to regularly test the transmittance, to confirm whether to replace the eye lens.
      Therefore, black glass lens of welding mask is very necessary to test the transmittance.
      From above reasons, that’s why recommend
LS117 Optical Densitometer?  Since For extremely low transmittance and high precision material, LS117 Optical Densitometer works very well.

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