Companre LS117 Optical Density Meter With Others

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After LS117 optical density meter been revised and upgraded in July 2014 ,it is favored by the major users. a lot of customers phone or online consulting related to the product's performance and knowledge, but FAQ are such as:  what is the difference between X341 and integrating sphere photometer, customers compare our product LS117 with other products which have been on market for many years, this is really positive feedback for our products. integrating sphere photometer.jpgNow basic on compare LS117 optical density meter with these two kinds of  products, let’s list some same points and  different points , so  help the user better to select the suitable, good and inexpensive instrument.
       1. Compare LS117 optical density meter with integrating sphere photometer.
       a) Integrating sphere photometer with large size, not easily to carry. LS117 optical density meter with small Size (L 130mm x W 70mm x H 28mm,weight:1250g(W/O Battery));it’s portable.
       b) LS117 optical density meter can measure small size pieces.such as we had success supplied LS117 to measure maximum size at 1.44mm and irregular piece for Foxcom.


2. Compare LS117 optical density meter with X341.
       LS117 Densitometer-2 measure methods.pnga)Since structure, X341 just can measure thin piece.LS117 optical density meter can measure not only thin piece but also thick, large piece. You may take out the receiver and light source from the stand for measure large size products. Also for ceiling lamp, small lamp, 5mm thick glass,frosted glass, etc., due to  limitations of X341 itself , temporarily can not be measured;
       LS117 Optical Density Meter-measure irregular piece.jpgb)X341 can’t measure irregular piece, LS117 optical density meter has successful experience to measure irregular products. Just make a small modification such as make a positioning fixture.then easily to measure.
       3. LS117 optical density meter sale at EXW price USD 614. Compare the advantages integrate with price,for measure non-glossy OR nontransparent material. No matter large or small, no matter regular or irregularity. No matter thick or thin.LS117 optical density meter is your best choice.
       Moreover, LS117 optical density meter has a seperated operation main body that with 3 buttons. easily to operate and convenient to read data.



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