LS117 Transmission Densitometer-Related Knowledge

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LS117 Transmission Densitometer is mainly used in: film, x-rays, a variety of aluminum, and opaque, foggy, scrub rough surfaces and other materials, for the absolute optical density, relative density and dot area rate measurement. Let’s show you more related knowledge about LS117 Transmission Densitometer.

optical density meter

We can see LS117 Transmission Densitometer has 2 probes, It’s light source on the bottom, the receiver is on the top, while test face frosted surface up to the receiver, it could display a OD (optical density) value and a T (transmission).
       LS117 Transmission Densitometer’s minimum test aperture is 2mm, minimum test accuracy reach to ± 0.02, and transmittance resolutions up to 0.0005%. For extremely low transmittance and high precision material, this instrument works very well. 
       Transmission Densitometer is equipped with fixed stand, there are two kinds of measuring methods, small materials may be placed on the fixed stand, Test large sample shall take out the receiver probe and light source probe, manually align and measure.
       Normal powering on display is the “T” (transmittance) shows “100%”, OD (optical density) is displayed as "0". If it is not displayed, then will be required short press the power key for self-calibration debugging.
       In normal state, as long as understand the instruments of three modes (ABS is the absolute optical density measurement mode, COM is the relative optical density measurement mode, DOT is dot area rate measurement mode), so test sample as that, reading will be very simple.
       High reflective material (transmittance is more than 90%) measurements, the instrument is equipped with a black shade flannel cloth, when testing in a highly reflective material, Velvet face-up, light sources align to hole of the flannel, reads data.