Elcometer Paint Thickness Gauge 456

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The Elcometer paint thickness gauge 456 is an instrument specifically designed to measure the coating thickness on magnetic and non-magnetic metal substrates. This instrument is a classic product of the British Elcometer paint thickness gauge brand. According to different characteristics, this classic model can also be divided into many different types. Below we will classify and introduce this Elcometer paint thickness gauge from different angles.

1. Classification according to different functions

The Elcometer paint thickness gauge 456 is available in 3 different models called Basic (B), Standard (S) and Advanced (T). Different models have different functions.
     The standard Elcometer 456S is a standard model, compared to the basic Elcometer 456B, which is mainly equipped with Bluetooth data transmission and data scanning. The Elcometer 456T, an advanced type of Elcometer paint thickness gauge, adds standard warnings and data set playback functions compared with the base model.

2. Classification according to different principles

According to different principles, the Elcometer paint thickness gauge can be divided into iron-based, non-ferrous and iron-aluminum paint thickness gauges. These three models are mainly designed for different substrates of the tested material. If the coating thickness on the magnetic metal substrate is measured, an iron-based paint thickness gauge can be used. If the coating thickness on the magnetic metal substrate is measured, a non-ferrous based Elcometer paint thickness gauge can be selected. The iron-aluminum dual-purpose range covers the range that can be measured by the above two measurement principles.

3. Classification according to different ranges

All instruments can be divided into three categories according to the range size. The Elcometer 456 measuring range is 0-1500um, the medium range is 0-5mm and the large range is 0-30mm. The instrument with small range is more suitable for detecting the paint film thickness of used cars, while an instrument with medium range is more suitable for detecting the thickness measurement of some steel materials.

4. Classification according to different structures

The Elcometer paint thickness gauge can also be divided into two types according to the different configurations of the main unit and the probe. The split paint thickness gauge probes need to be purchased separately. The split-type instrument is more suitable for measuring various narrow spaces and complex spaces. The measurement is more flexible than the integrated machine, but the integrated paint thickness gauge makes one-hand measurement more convenient.

Elcometer paint thickness gauge

The above is the introduction of the main content of the classic Elcometer paint thickness gauge 456.

paint thickness gauge

Linshang Technology Iron and Aluminum Dual-use Paint thickness gauge

Of course, the diversity of instruments does bring a more mobile measurement method, but too many choices are easy to bring confusion to the selection of customers. So we still recommend instrument with both iron-based and non-ferrous based measuring principles. Like many paint thickness gauges from Linshang Technology, this instrument typically uses two thickness measurement principles to achieve this effect. If you can't determine the based material when you purchase the instrument, you can choose this kind of paint thickness gauge.

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