Linshang Lens Light Transmission Meter

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Linshang technology has independently developed two sets of lens light transmission meters. Linshang LS108A and Linshang LS108D. Both instruments can be used to detect the light transmittance of the phone's IR ink hole and cell phone lens. IR actually means infrared. The IR hole of the phone is mainly used to match the sensor under the lens. Specifically, the principle of IR reflection is utilized, so that we can reflect infrared rays through the IR hole during a call to make the phone automatically black and lock so as not to affect other operations. Now the phone light sensor and camera are usually the same hole, the main function is to automatically adjust the brightness of the phone screen by sensing the change of external light.

Therefore, Linshang LS108A lens light transmission meter can be mainly used to measure the transmittance of 550 nm visible light and 850 nm or 940 nm infrared light. This lens light transmission meter has a counting function (the data can be counted manually or connected to the computer software for automatic counting) and the upper and lower limits can be set. It automatically judges whether the test result is up to standard. If the upper and lower limits are exceeded, an alarm will be issued.

LS108A lens light transmission meter

How to use LS108A lens light transmission meter:

  1. Connect the power supply and press the power button to turn it on. The instrument will self-calibrate and the three data of the instrument will display 100 after self-calibration.

  2. The instrument enters the test state. The hole to be tested should be aligned with the corresponding test hole on the instrument. The transmittance value will be displayed below the instrument.

The light and shadow of the mobile phone screen are uncertain. If we look at the phone for a long time, eye fatigue may easily occur. Therefore, measuring the light transmittance of the mobile phone lens becomes a necessary item for the quality inspection of the mobile phone. The Linshang LS108D lens light transmission meter is an instrument dedicated to the detection of light transmittance of mobile phones.

The appearance and usage of the Linshang LS108A and LS108D lens light transmission meters are very similar.The main differences are as follows:

  1. The size of the light hole.The measuring beam diameter of the LS108A is 1mm and the measuring beam diameter of the LS108D is 0.5mm.

  2. Is there a fast and slow switching? The LS108D has fast and slow measurement modes, but the LS108A does not.

  3. The light source of LS108A is emitted from the upper side and the light source of LS108D is emitted from the lower side. The optical path of LS108D lens light transmission meter is processed closer to parallel light. The data will be more accurate when testing thicker materials.

The above is the detailed introduction of Linshang lens light transmission meters. We hope to help the majority of users.



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