Mobile Phone IR Lens Transmission Meter

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The glass cover of the mobile phone is the glass layer on the surface of the touch screen of the mobile phone, and the glass cover of the mobile phone is also called LENS. A small hole with a light transmittance is usually distributed on the cover of the mobile phone for exchanging information between the internal components of the mobile phone and the outside world. Commonly there are mobile phone IR holes and light transmission holes, both of which have certain requirements on the transmittance, so the light transmittance test of the mobile phone is indispensable, it can be tested by IR lens transmission meter.

1. Mobile phone proximity sensor and IR hole

The mobile phone proximity sensor can measure the distance of the human face from the screen of the mobile phone through the infrared transmitting tube and the receiving tube. If the distance is too close, the screen is automatically closed to avoid mistakenly touching, so a special infrared light is needed on the glass cover of the mobile phone. The IR hole is used to assist this function.

2. Mobile phone light sensor and visible light transmission hole

The mobile phone light sensor is a device that can adjust the brightness of the screen of the mobile phone according to the brightness of the surrounding light. Therefore, there is also such a light transmission hole on the glass cover of the mobile phone to accomplish this function.
    The infrared transmittance test of the IR hole of the mobile phone is generally performed using a light source of 850 nm and 940 nm, and the test of the light transmission hole is generally performed at 550 nm. In response to these three common mobile phone glass cover transmittance tests, Linshang Technology has developed two LS108D and LS108A IR lens transmission meter. Both of these lens transmission meters come with 550nm, 850nm and 940nm light sources, just one instrument can complete the measurement of three data tests.

IR lens transmission meter

LS108D Lens Transmission Meter

The light source and the indications go below are in one-to-one correspondence. When testing the light transmittance of the mobile phone lens, keep the hole to be measured are aligned with the corresponding light source. As shown in the above figure, we can see that the IR hole on this mobile phone lens has a transmittance of 86.7% for 940nm infrared light. If you need to measure the infrared transmittance of 850nm or the light transmittance of 550nm, you only need to move the position.

In addition to reading directly on the IR lens transmission meter, the light transmittance test results can also be read and recorded by computer software. This function is very suitable for the light transmittance detection of large-scale mobile phone lens on the production line. Users can also set the upper and lower limits of light transmittance according to their own standards, and will be illuminated once the data exceeds the standard.