Status and Future of UV Energy Meter

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  In recent years high power LED UV technology is with very rapidly increased, driven many industries updating. In the UV curing industry, Usually, using high pressure mercury lamp as the light source. The characteristics of high pressure mercury lamp light source is: except 365nm ultraviolet peak wavelength, but also has many other wavelength of the second peak, all high pressure mercury ultraviolet wavelength has multi wavelengthes. Under high pressure mercury lamp as the light source of UV curing machine, UV energy meterrequired of UV energy measurement of UV curing oven in the UV intensity and production process, On the current market, UV energy meter, basically established in measure power and energy of the light source of high pressure mercury lamp for UV curing oven.
  The rapid development of LED technology, so that the UV curing machine industry has changed a tremendous. LED UV as the light source of the UV curing machine in the market gradually dominant. But the UV energy meter has not kept pace with the development of the technology.
  UV energy meter that suitable for high pressure mercury lamp light source is still using for  measure energy and power of UV curing oven basic on LED light source. Certainly, measurement data is not quite accurate. What's the reason? The main reason is LED UV light source is a single wavelength of light source, with 380nm, 395nm, 365nm and so on different wavelength. The original UV energy meter, generally have high pressure mercury lamp calibration, measurement of LED UV curing machine, it does not match the wavelength. It is said that the data will be quite inaccurate.



  From the above review, we can understand, at present market of UV energy meter cannot meet the LED UV curing machine development needs, not to mention on the market all kinds of false and inferior of UV energy meter, is completely can not meet the requirements.
  For the future of the UV energy meter, a UV energy meter for the UV LED curing machine will appear.. This energy meter, according to the wavelength of different LED UV light source, choose different measurement band, so that the measurement band matching of the source and the instrument can be accurate.
  Unfortunately, the current optical intensity of high power LED UV has not been improved and the national and international standards, resulting in the energy testing of the UV LED curing machine has no corresponding national standards. So the light source intensity of LED UV standard, but also need to improve.
  There is
LS120 UV Energy Metersuitable for  high pressure mercury lamp as the light source. and Linshang released LS128 UV Energy Meter suitable for  UV LED as the light source.