Film Thickness Meter Application

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The film thickness meter is a professional equipment that can be used to detect plating layer, paint film, anti-corrosion layer, PCB dry film and various coating thicknesses. Linshang technology as a professional film thickness meter supplier has developed a variety of film thickness meters for different applications.Today, we will mainly introduce two film thickness meters for coating thickness measurement and paint film thickness measurement.
    The thickness measurement of the plating layer is one of the physical properties of the coating and an important indicator for measuring the quality of the coating because it greatly affects the service life of the product. The most common measurement of paint film thickness is the measurement of the car paint film thickness. By testing the used car surface thickness, it is possible to check whether the used car has been repainted or repaired with sheet metal. The common measuring principle of the paint film thickness meter is the magnetic thickness measurement method and the eddy current thickness measurement method.The measurement principle of the plating film thickness meter is not only the first two,but also involves a special X-ray method.The main measurement methods and applications of these three measurement principles are as follows:
    1.The magnetic film thickness meter determines the thickness of the cover layer based on the magnitude of the magnetic path magneto resistance passing through the test cover and the metal substrate in the measuring probe.Mainly applied to the measurement of the thickness of non-magnetic coating on magnetic metal substrates.
     2.The eddy current film thickness meter determines the coating thickness by detecting the amplitude and phase of the eddy current generated after the probe contacts the conductive substrate of the tested metal.It is mainly used to detect non-conductive coating thickness measurement on non-magnetic metal collectives.
     3.The X-ray plating thickness meter is irradiated onto the surface of the electroplated layer by X-ray and then X-ray fluorescence is generated. The composition and thickness data of the coating are obtained according to the position and intensity of the energy appearing on the fluorescent line. This method is mainly applied to the thickness measurement of various metal plating layers.
film thickness metersuse two measurement principles:magnetic thickness measurement and eddy current thickness measurement.The coating thickness measurement used in the electroplating industry mainly includes LS220H and LS221 film thickness meters.The paint film thickness meters used in the measurement of used car film thickness are mainly LS220 and LS220B. The LS220B film thickness meter has Bluetooth data transmission function, which can transfer the measured sets of data to the mobile phone software and produce test reports. The price of the above four film thickness meters is between 890 RMB and 1118 RMB. The instrument is guaranteed to pass the inspection of the national measurement test.

LS220B film thickness meter

The common brands of X-ray film thickness meters are Fischer Fischer and Oxford,UK.They have developed and produced a variety of X-ray plating thickness meters mainly for desktop design, which are more expensive,but have excellent precision and good performance. 
    All of the above are the application of the film thickness meters in the electroplating and paint industry.In addition to these three principles, there are various thickness measurement methods such as ultrasonic method and electrolysis method. You can also search for queries in the upper right corner of our website.