How to detect the PC lampshade transmittance | Optical density meter

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PC lampshades have been widely used as LED lamp accessories due to their many advantages. The light transmittance can be measured by Linshang LS117 optical density meter.

Nowadays, LED lamps have been widely used in life and the traditional glass lampshades have gradually been replaced by PC lampshades due to its fragile nature. 

1. What are the advantages of the PC lampshade?

  1. The PC lamp cover can diffuse the illumination area of the LED-point light source, making the illumination area wider and the appearance better.

  2. PC lampshade has good electrical extremism and dimensional stability which is resistant to impact and is not brittle.

  3. Gather the light better to make the light more concentrated and softer, avoiding the direct glare of the LED light.

  4. The density is less than that of glass. It is not easy to be broken when it is used. The lampshade made of imported raw materials does not change color for 5-10 years. Its color is also diverse. It can be used in many harsh environments and can resist strong wind and the impact of ice and snow.

PC lampshades are generally matte or opalescent. The industry generally has regulations for the transmittance of PC lampshades. The transmittance of the transparent PC lamp cover can generally reach 92-95% and the transmittance of the diffusion grade PC lamp cover can generally reach 88-91%.

2. How to detect the transmittance of PC lampshade?

For PC shades of opalescent materials, we recommend a professional optical density meter for measurements. The Linshang LS117 optical density meter has two measurement methods: the first one is the measurement on pedestal, which is more suitable for regular materials or smaller materials. The second method is hand-held measurement, which takes down the probe for testing. This method is more suitable for irregular materials or larger materials.

LS117 optical density meter test the milky materials

As shown in the figure above, the white material was measured by the LS117 optical density meter and the transmittance of the material was 82%. If you measure with the optical density meter designed with a parallel light path, the resulting data will be too small.

The Linshang LS117 optical density meter is a optical density meter with an integrated sphere effect using the diffuse transmission principle. It is suitable for optical density and transmittance test of aluminized film, film, X-ray film, lens ink and other materials, as well as light transmittance test of milky white translucent material and frosted matte material. The instrument light source conforming to the CIE photopic luminosity function. The meter can also pass the national measurement certification. The LS117 optical density meter can receive light diffused through the PC lampshade with high precision and it is the best choice for customers.

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