Why LS122 IR power meter data different from V-cool energy meter?

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The V-cool Magic Mirror Demonstration Stand is a suite that demonstrate the thermal insulation of the solar film.The kit consists of a 150W infrared light, a magic mirror, an energy meter and a stand.The instrument of the combined core has always been an energy meter that can be used to test the intensity of infrared radiation and the rejection rate of the tested material.Many customers have been very interested in the energy meter after using this kit,so they found Linshang technology.
     As a professional manufacturer of solar film transmission meters,Linshang Technology offers a wide range of test instruments,including a LS122 IR power meter,which is the predecessor of the V-cool Energy meter.Many customers found us to buy a LS122 IR power meter and test it.But they found that the data of the LS122 IR power meter is very different from the V-cool energy meter. What is the reason?
     In fact,the functions of the LS122 IR power meter and the V-cool energy meter are exactly the same, but the data of the V-cool energy meter is specially adjusted. The data is one-third of our regular product LS122.Therefore,when measuring the infrared light source,the intensity value data seen will vary greatly.However,this does not affect the instrument's measurement of the infrared rejection rate of the solar film.Regardless of the adjustment of the light intensity,the rejection rate of the measured solar film is always the same.

IR power meter

Therefore,if you want the same demonstration function as the energy meter,the same effect can be achieved by using the conventional Linshang LS122 IR power meter.However,if you require the data to be consistent with the V-cool energy meter, you can contact our customer service staff to customize the energy meter or send us back the customized data after purchase.Of course,we will charge a certain custom fee for the customized product.
    In summary,the difference between the LS122 IR power meterand the V-cool energy meter is mainly the intensity difference of the infrared light,but the IR rejection rate of the solar film is still the same.