Application of UV Energy Meter in UV Ink Industry

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1. What is UV ink?

UV (ultraviolet light curing) ink refers to that people use ultraviolet light of different wavelengths and energy to polymerize the monomers in the ink binder under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. It is a solvent-free ink with advantages such as fast drying, good gloss, bright colors, high water resistance, solvent resistance and good abrasion resistance. With the continuous development of UV ink technology, UV ink is widely used in industries such as paper printing, plastic printing, tape measure printing, printed circuit boards, chrome printing, electronic parts printing, metal surface printing and other industries. In particular, after UV light treatment by UV drying equipment, UV inks can produce a unique visual effect, making packaging printing look elegant, solemn and luxurious.

2. How do we ensure proper curing of UV inks?

The rendering effect of UV inks is related to the curing degree of UV inks. Proper curing can minimize the deformation of substrates and optimize the viscosity between inks and inks or coatings. Excessive curing of the ink will cause photo-oxidation of the ink surface. The occurrence of photo-oxidation will destroy the chemical bonds on the surface of the ink film. The adhesion between it and another ink layer will be reduced. Not only does it affect flexibility, it is also prone to surface embrittlement.
       When talking about how to determine whether the UV ink is completely cured, many people think that using a nail scraper can determine whether the UV ink is completely cured. However, due to the amount of force, the method of force and the angle of force are different, it is impossible to obtain a recognized standard. In addition, there are many varieties of UV inks, with different application scopes and thickness differences, so it is unscientific to rely solely on hand to determine whether to cure. If you want to scientifically test the curing efficiency of UV inks, you need a counting instrument that can accurately measure UV energy-
UV energy meter.

LS128 UV energy meter

 The so-called UV energy meter is used to measure the UV energy of different light sources, especially for printing machines. It can ensure the ideal quality control during printing and drying.
       UV energy meter is currently the most versatile UV energy meter on the market. It can not only measure the curing efficiency of UV inks, but also test the energy, power, temperature and time at the same time. Not only that, to enhance the user experience, after the test, you can also connect the UV energy meter to a computer to view the test detailed data and print the data report file for easy analysis of the data.



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