60 Degree Gloss Meter with Simple Operation

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Most of the gloss meters produced by the gloss meter manufacturers in the market will have two or more buttons, the operation is more complicated. And the display interface only displays one data measured at that time. In addition, the shape of the gloss meter is also large.

How to choose a gloss meter that is easy to operate?

Take the Linshang 60 degree gloss meter as an example. The Linshang  60 degree gloss checker LS192 has only one button and the operation is very simple.  The measurement is performed immediately and the measured data can be displayed in real time without pressing a button.

When the 60 degree gloss meter is being tested, short press the power button to save the current measured value. The factory default is to save 10 groups of data, adjustable to 1-99 times. The biggest feature is that the real-time value, maximum value, minimum value, average value and mean square error value are displayed directly on the interface during the test. Each time you press a button, the instrument counts a set of data, eliminating the hassle of human calculations and you can see the uniformity of the material directly from the mean square error values. This is very obvious compared to other gloss meters

gloss meter

The gloss meter shell, the standard version base and the optical test components produced by Linshang technology are all made of aluminum. The appearance is sandblasted and oxidized and the metal texture is very high classy. The overall look is very beautiful and small.



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