Light Transmittance Meter Measures Smoke Concentration

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With the improvement of people's safety awareness, smoke concentration detection devices have attracted widespread attention. There are many smoke concentration detection devices on the market, but the detection effect is not satisfactory. Some time ago, a customer consulted our light transmittance meter and said that they wanted to use our LS116 light transmittance meter to detect smoke concentration.
      The traditional smoke detection is not effective because of the technical aspects. The smoke density detection, temperature detection and sensitivity detection of the detection range are the key technologies to be solved at present. Measuring smoke concentration has become a top priority. The traditional instrument for detecting the smoke concentration is mainly through the infrared transmitting and receiving tubes as sensors. This measurement method has poor measurement accuracy and cannot accurately identify the smoke concentration. And it is easy to be interfered by other gases and cause false alarm.

LS116 light transmittance meter

The Linshang LS116 light transmittance meter uses optical principles to measure the concentration of smoke. In simple terms, a visible light source is used to illuminate the test substance and the sensors detect the intensity of the incident light from the light source after passing through the test substance. That is, the ratio of transmitted light intensity to incident light intensity is expressed as a percentage. The LS116 light transmittance meter uses a parallel light path design and the light source conforms to the CIE photopic luminosity function to ensure that it passes the Chinese national institute inspection.
When using the LS116 light transmittance meter to measure smoke concentration. Find a closed container and fill it with smoke. Put the light transmittance meter on without putting any material under test. After the instrument passes self-calibration, put the probe and detector together with the base into the smoke box (or other container filled with smoke) to test the light transmittance. The thicker the smoke, the lower the light transmittance. The less the smoke, the higher the light transmittance. Linshang light transmittance meter has higher measurement accuracy and more accurate measurement data!



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