Calibration and Maintenance of UV Power Puck

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Generally speaking, the instrument calibration is the calibration that is sent to a third-party organization. The purpose is to determine the indication of the measuring device by comparison with the standard to obtain the correction factor. Let customers know if their UV power puck is the same or different from the national standard.

As a manufacturer of UV power puck, Linshang Technology provides professional adjustment services. If the customer wants to modify, we can also transfer the data to the normal data. Due to the particularity of the instrument probe material, the annual rate of change is relatively large and with frequent use, it is easy to produce a drift of the magnitude. If the customer feels that the measured value is not accurate, it is best to send the instrument for calibration. The calibration of Linshang UV power puck is completely free of charge for the first year. 

UV power puck

Finally, if the UV power puck has an ERROR CODE code or -55°C, it is generally recommended to return to the factory for repair. We will charge according to the situation.



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