What is the Difference between the LS160 and LS162 Window Tint Checkers?

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 Linshang Technology has invented two classic LS160 and LS162 portable window tint checker.These two instruments are very popular because of their convenient size.However, apart from the appearance,there are certain differences in function. Below we'll introduce the difference in detail.

1. Slot size

    In addition to the size of the instrument itself,the slot sizes of the LS160 and 162 are also different.

  1. The LS160 window tint checker is designed for customers who only need to test the film. The slot size of the instrument is 0.8mm.Solar film or other transparent film can be placed into the test slot.

  2. LS162 window tint checker is more suitable for customers who need to test solar film and stick-film glass at the same time.For example, some solar films have been attached to the car side.After the glass is blocked,the rear side glass of the car can be directly tested by the LS162 window tint checker.Most automotive side windshield has a thickness of 3-4mm. Although the slot of the LS162 is 8mm,we do not recommend customers to measure the glass that exceeds the thickness of the side glass of the car.If you need to measure thick stick-film glass, you can use the latest LS101 window tint checker, the price is the same as the LS162 with higher accuracy.

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2.Visible light source

  1. The infrared light and ultraviolet light of LS160 and LS162 are both 940nm and 365nm LED light sources,but the visible light sources used in the two instruments are different.

  2. The LS160 uses a 530nm LED light source,while the LS162 window tint checkeruses white light source of 380-760nm,which is consistent with the CIE photopic luminosity function. If you are measuring a darker or greenish film,we recommend using the LS162 window tint checker.

3.Is there a screen backlight?

  The LS160 window tint checker has a screen backlight design.By pressing the power button for a short time,the backlight can be illuminated. And the nighttime reading is more convenient.The LS162 window tint checker does not have this function.
    The above three points are the main difference between the LS160 and LS162 window tint checkers.It is worth noting that the function of the LS162 basically covers the function of the LS160.If you still can't make a choice after reading this article,we recommend that you purchase the LS162 window tint checker.



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