Difference between LS200 and LS210 Glass Thickness Gauges

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Linshang Technology has invented two glass thickness gauges.One is the classic LS200 glass thickness gauge,the instrument is marked with a scale.The user needs to read the thickness data from the scale.Another instrument is the digital glass thickness gauge LS201, the instrument can automatically display the thickness data.In addition to the way the data is read, are there other differences between the two instruments?

glass thickness gauges

The LS200 and LS210 glass thickness gauges use the principle of laser reflection.When the laser emitted from the instrument is irradiated onto different surfaces, reflection will occur.The glass thickness gauge only needs to be placed on one side of the glass to measure the thickness of the entire glass. The difference between the two instruments is mainly in the range and operation.

1.The measurement range difference between the two glass thickness gauges

 Since both instruments support the measurement of insulating glass and the refractive indices of the air layer and the glass layer are different.So we only need to place the instrument on one side of the tested glass for measurement.
    (1)The maximum thickness of the glass that the LS200 can measure is 70mm, while the maximum thickness of the air layer is 34mm.The number of layers that the instrument can measure is not limited. As long as the reflected laser spot still appears within the scale of the instrument, we can read the data from the scale.
    (2)The maximum thickness of the glass that the LS201 can measure is 70mm,while the maximum thickness of the air layer is 45mm.The layers that the LS201 digital thickness gauge can be up to 2 layers of air and 3 layers of glass.In addition to insulating glass, it can also measure a variety of multi-layer glass or laminated glass.
    Of course,the maximum thickness of the air layer without the glass layer is meaningless, so 34 mm is only the theoretical maximum air layer that can be measured.

2.The operation difference between the two glass thickness gauges

(1)The LS200 glass thickness gauge needs to hold down the measurement button while measuring. Then calculate the glass thickness or air layer thickness by calculating the distance between the two laser points on the scale.
     (2)The LS201 digital glass thickness gauge has two measurement modes.If you choose the automatic mode,you only need to short press the measurement button.After a few seconds, the data will be displayed on the screen.If you choose manual mode,we need to first estimate the thickness of the tested glass then pre-set the distribution of the glass and air layers and the approximate thickness.
    In addition to the above two major differences,the two instruments also have some other differences,such as different power supply methods.LS200 glass thickness gauge is powered by built-in button battery,while LS201 is powered by international AAA battery; LS200 cost $220 and LS201 digital glass thickness gauge cost $485.The price difference is still relatively large.If you have other questions about the selection of the glass thickness gauge, please feel free to contact us via the contact information on the website.