How to choose the paint thickness gauge manufacturer?

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The paint thickness gauge can be used in different industries. It can test the thickness of various coatings on metal substrates. If the thickness of the coating is uneven, it will affect the quality and appearance of the product. So if you need to choose a paint the thickness gauge, you also need to choose a high-quality painting thickness gauge manufacturer.
    1. Linshang Technology is a paint thickness gauge manufacturer specializing in the development and production of instrumentation. The
LS220 painting thickness gauge is a coating thickness gauge with both ferrous and nonferrous modes. It can be used to detect the thickness of a non-magnetic coating on a ferromagnetic metal substrate such as steel, and also to detect the thickness of a non-conductive coating on a non-magnetic metal substrate.

LS220 painting thickness gauge

2.  Choose a good paint thickness gauge manufacturers is equal to the choice of excellent quality and after-sales service. The painting thickness gauge manufacturer Linshang Technology's instruments are independently completed from research and development to production. Each paint thickness gauge enjoys a one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance and after-sales service, customers can rest assured to buy.