Portable Glass Thickness Gauge

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   Linshang technology is a professional manufacturer of portable glass thickness gauge. The portable glass thickness gauge includes digital readings and scale readings that can be used to test the thickness of various single-layer glass, insulating glass, triple-glass and two-chamber glass and the thickness of the intermediate air layer.

glass thickness gauge

There are many types of insulating glass, such as tempered hollow, laminated hollow, shaped hollow, tempered interlayer hollow, glazed tempered hollow and various curved hollow glass. The thickness can be measured with a portable glass thickness gauge.
     The thickness of the insulating glass and the installed air layer will affect the main functions of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation of the insulating glass. Therefore, the performance of the insulating glass in the engineering acceptance, quality inspection and the like requires the use of a portable glass thickness meter.

digital glass thickness gauge

Linshang Technology has two portable glass thickness gauges, the LS200 for scale reading and the LS201 for digital reading. The instrument not only has stable performance and high precision, but it is also easy to operate. It can all pass the measurement of the national third-party. As a professional manufacturer, we provide customers with a variety of portable instruments, and welcome customers to consult.



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