Laser Glass Thickness Gauge Manufacturer

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  Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of laser glass thickness gauge including digital insulating glass thickness gauge and scale hollow glass thickness gauge, which can test various single-layer glass, double-layer glass, insulating glass and the thickness of the air layer.
   Insulating glass products include: ordinary transparent flat insulating glass, various coated insulating glass. All kinds of safe insulating hollow glass, such as tempered insulating glass, laminated insulating glass, tempered laminated insulating glass, etc.

laser glass thickness gauge

Excellent thermal insulation performance: even hollow glass consist of 3mm glass + 12mm air layer + 3mm glass, its insulation capacity is no worse than 100mm thick concrete wall. The heat insulation performance of thicker glass or three layers of glass plus two layers of air is better and the thickness can be measured by a general laser glass thickness gauge.
     Customers must be sure to find the real manufacturer of
laser glass thickness gauge when purchasing to ensure good after-sales service!