Application of Light Transmittance Meter in Touch Screen PET Industry

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PET is commonly known as polyester resin and the most important component of it is polyethylene terephthalate, which is the most important type of thermoplastic polyester. This material is commonly used with ITO materials to make touch screens.PET-ITO refers to a high-tech product obtained by sputtering a transparent indium tin oxide (ITO) conductive film on a PET substrate material by a magnetron sputtering technique and subjecting it to high temperature annealing.

1.Factors affecting the transmittance of touch screen PET materials

  1. The thickness of the ITO film layer on the PET substrate is different.The conductivity and light transmittance of the film are also different.Under the same process conditions and the same PET substrate,the thicker the ITO film layer,the smaller the surface resistance of the the PET-ITO film as well as the light transmittance.Therefore, the transmittance value is usually measured by a light transmittance meter.PET material

  2. The touch screen PET film is divided into glossy mask and matte film.Different films have different requirements for light transmittance.For example,if the overall transmittance of the touch screen is 75%,what is the transmittance of the ITO film and the PET film respectively? The matte EPT film specifically refers to an anti-glare ito film. Generally,the AG ito film (haze 5+/-2) has a total light transmittance of 85% and the transmittance of the conductive glass is about 90%.The overall light transmittance can reach 75%.In fact,the value of haze in the whole process of light transmittance is the key to affect the light transmittance of the whole material.

2.Use LS117 light transmittance meter to measure its light transmittance

Touch screen PET materials are widely used in electronic products for various touch screens.Therefore,it is also important to test the transmittance of PET materials,because whether the transmittance of the screen is qualified directly affects the quality of the product.For the measurement of the transmittance of the touch screen film PET material,it is recommended to use the Linshang LS117 light transmittance meter.

LS117 light transmittance meter test PET material

Since the touch screen PET film is divided into glossy mask and matte film,the LS117 light transmittance meteris very suitable for the transmittance detection of this film. Because this instrument not only uses the diffuse transmission principle,but also is a high-precision light transmittance meter with an integrating sphere effect.The transmittance value and the optical density value can be simultaneously measured.

  • All kinds of film film

  • X-ray film, aluminum film and other materials

  • Opalescent, fog, frosted, matte and other materials

The Linshang LS117 light transmittance meter is equipped with a fixed base and bracket with two measurement methods.The measurement accuracy is wide and the optical density value can be measured to OD6.Suitable for production,quality inspection, inspection and other occasions,it is a good choice for the light transmittance value and optical density value measurement.