Why will there be Data Difference in Different UV Energy Meter Modes?

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Some time ago,some customers said that when they use Linshang UV energy meter,the data measured in automatic mode and manual mode is very different.Is this our measurement data inaccurate? Let's take a closer look at the Linshang LS128 UV energy meter.

Usually we will use the manual measurement mode "Manual",manually press the "power" button to start and end the measurement.But for some instruments such as curing machines,we may need automatic measurement mode.We generally set a trigger value after selecting the automatic mode, which means that the UV energy meter will start measuring only when it reaches the trigger value we set during measurement.Once the energy value is less than this value,the instrument will stop measuring. 

LS128 UV energy meter

When the customer uses Linshang UV energy meter (in automatic mode) to pass the conveyor belt,if the distance between the two UV lamps is far,the UV energy value is the smallest in the middle of the two lamps.If the UV energy value is less than the trigger value, then the instrument will stop measuring at this time.There will be no measurement data when passing the next UV lamp.The data of the following UV lamps will not be measured. In this case, the data difference between the automatic measurement mode and the manual measurement mode will be very large.Therefore, when using Linshang UV energy meter,if the distance between the two lights is very far, the automatic mode cannot be used.

Our UV energy meter recording time is only 32 minutes,so for some very long production lines,which need to run for a long time to reach the UV light source,we must use the manual mode.The Linshang UV energy meter is strictly monitored from material selection to production and processing to final quality inspection packaging.Please read the instructions carefully during use.We have excellent after-sales service. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.



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