Which Car Window Tint Meter is more Suitable for Measuring the Car Front Windshield?

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There is a certain national standard for the transmittance of automobile front windshield.In order to confirm whether the transmittance value meets the standards, the vehicle management institute and other industries will need the car window tint meter to measure the front windshield.

     The transmittance of the car front windshield will directly affect the visible distance of the driver. Therefore, the country has certain requirements for the transmittance of the car front windshield. During the annual inspection of the car, you can usually see that the staff uses a professional car window tint meter to check whether the light transmittance of the car front windshield has reached the standard or not.
     Linshang technology has invented two car window tint meters, one is a high-precision car window tint meter LS116 with a wire and the other is a wireless split type car window tint meter LS110. Both of these instruments use a light source and a detector separately and all use 380-760nm white light source, in line with CIE photopic luminosity function. So which car window tint meter is more suitable for measuring the car front windshield?
     The light source and detector of the LS116 high-precision car window tint meter  are connected to the host of the instrument. The instrument has two test modes. You can choose to use a fixed base for fixed-point measurement. You can also take the light source and detector out of the base to flexibly measure glass and other transparent materials.
     The LS110 split type
car window tint meter adopts the design that the main and auxiliary machines are separated. There is no connection line between the main and auxiliary machines, which makes testing very convenient. The instrument contains three independent transmittance test modules. The value measured by the instrument is the average of the transmittance at the three positions and the test data is more stable.

LS110 car window tint meter

      In short, both the LS116 and LS110 can window tint meters can be used to measure the car front windshield. But if you need to take multiple measurements quickly and need to take pictures for archiving, we recommend that you use the LS110 split car window tint meter . Press the HOLD button to lock the data on the interface, which is more convenient for places such as vehicle inspection stations.

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