Linshang Coating Thickness Gauges Applications

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Linshang technology has invented many types of coating thickness gauges, mainly including LS220, LS220B, LS220H, LS221, LS223 + F3N3, and LS223 + F5N3. These coating thickness gauges have different application occasions. This article will briefly introduce them.

1.Coating thickness gauge for automotive paint inspection

  Linshang LS220 and LS220B coating thickness gauges, also known as paint film gauges, are mainly used for automotive paint thickness detection. The biggest difference between these two paint film meters is that the LS220B adds mobile phone APP and Bluetooth functions on the basis of the LS220.
      After connecting this coating thickness gauge to the mobile phone APP, you can measure 17 positions of the car such as the roof, engine compartment cover, left front fender, left A pillar, left front door, left B pillar, left rear door, left C pillar, and left rear fender, trunk lid, right rear fender, right C-pillar, right rear door, right B-pillar, right front door, right A-pillar, right front fender. Through the measurement data, you can know the body in a comprehensive and even way.

LS220B coating thickness gauge

2. Coating thickness gauges for anticorrosive coatings

  LS220H coating thickness gauge is a integrated type. This coating thickness gauge can be used not only in automotive evaluation, marine industry, aerospace, but also can be used to measure the thickness of fire and anticorrosion coatings on steel structures. The LS220H coating thickness gauge uses magnetic method and eddy current method. The instrument can automatically convert measurements on magnetic and non-magnetic substrates, making it portable and compact.

3. Split coating thickness gauge

 The Linshang LS221, LS223 + F3N3 and LS223 + F5N3 coating thickness gaugesadopt separate design. The LS223 is also equipped with two probes, F3N3 and F5N3. These two coating thickness gauges have smaller probes and are more suitable for measurements in tight spaces. In the complex measurement environment, you can view the data while measuring, which can be used in the laboratory and the engineering site.

LS221  coating thickness gauge

The LS223 coating thickness gauge is equipped with two probe ranges of 3000μm and 5000μm, respectively. It is more suitable for the measurement of ultra-thick coatings. It can also be used for fire-resistant or anti-corrosive coatings measurement.
     Each coating thickness gauge of Linshang Technology has its own characteristics. After understanding the product, users can make a reasonable choice according to their own application needs and application scenarios.